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Express Yourself in TPS Creative Writing!

Creative Writing for High School

Language is God’s gift to his people to help us know him deeply, reveal his truths to the world, and bring Him glory. This course develops the study and use of language, story, and image in becoming effective communicators. In this course students will read and compose original poetry, memoir, fiction, and creative non-fiction. Students will examine and discuss work from published writers to deepen their understanding of the ways writers create both meaning and pleasure for readers. They will also practice writing in various genres to refine their own skills and grow their creative voice. Students will share their work for both written and oral peer critique, learning to give and respond to feedback in a workshop setting. Students will develop a portfolio of their writing and learn how to submit their work for publication.

College Creative Writing

God is the great storyteller, teaching and reaching his people through the power of the word, especially the redemptive story of creation woven through all cultures and times. This course will explore the importance of literature in our understanding of the human experience in relationship with God, with creation, and with others, as well as the call for writers to craft stories that reflect God’s ultimate story. Reading the works of published authors, students will analyze how structure, sound, imagery, and style contribute to meaning and power. Students will build on a basic understanding of the elements of fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction, diving deeper into the themes and techniques that define each genre. Live classes will challenge students to share and critique their own original compositions in a “round table” workshop setting. Students will learn to find their own voices and express their ideas uniquely and powerfully while also being challenged to experiment with new styles and techniques. Students will build a professional portfolio of their writing, learn how to navigate the writer’s market, and choose original pieces to submit to outside publications. Students will leave the course confident in their ability to write creatively, to analyze works in different creative genres, and to critique peer writing. This course earns three college credits in Creative Writing from Belhaven University, the only Christian university in the U.S. offering a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing.

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