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“This class has everything you need to start enjoying and naturalizing Spanish in your life. There’s very little grammar and verb tense work, actually, compared to the previous classes. My favorite part of the class is the required 20-30 minutes of listening to Spanish speakers in any format you like, which allowed me to explore all kinds of Spanish music genres and even to find Spanish podcasts and channels I actually listen to in my free time! Additionally, you get to learn about hundreds of different specific Hispanic celebrations, locations, historical figures, and foods over the course of the year that eventually give you a beautiful map of the variety and color of Spanish culture. While in this class, I reached a level of fluency that allowed me to finally enjoy Spanish more as a door to other cultures than as a language I learn in school. I hope other students take the leap and put in the hard work to get as much pleasure out of learning Spanish with this class as I did.”