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“I have always loved writing, but it was not until I entered this course that I learned to format my ideas into short essays and convey them clearly to my readers. Precisely, I learned to polish every sentence in my essay and ask myself if I really met the goal of portraying a clear introduction, conclusion, or body paragraph. Throughout this course, I am deeply thankful for my teachers and their patience in instructing and helping me through my assignments. Their work and precious time, as well as detailed feedback and emails became the greatest jewel of this course as they inspired me to dig out meaningful insights from the literature works we studied this year. I had a great time in reading the short stories because they have really memorable lessons to teach and they are great places to find inspirations. I also learned to view works of literature in different perspectives and see the symbolic things hidden below the surface from the novel study in this course. It’s so remarkable in the way this course is designed to give students chances to develop in a variety of areas and inspire them to dig deeper.”