Fostering academic excellence and biblical virtue to equip students for lives as local and global Christian servants.

“We have loved the amazing benefits that The Potters School has given our four children over the past decade. With the best combination we know of in terms of commitment to academic excellence while also promoting biblical values, TPS has prepared and equipped our children to be excellent scholars and ambassadors for Christ in university and beyond. Their live classes and diverse extracurricular activities enabled our children to really get to know their teachers and some classmates on a more personal level, which is rare if not impossible for other online courses/schools. In addition, TPS teachers are obviously passionate about their subjects and caring towards their students making learning fun. And finally, our many interactions with TPS administrators and support have convinced us that they value two-way communication with students and families to meet students’ specific needs, leading to a richer, student-centric educational experience. We have recommended TPS to dozens of families over the years, and will joyfully continue to do so for years to come.”