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Climbing the Mountain – African American History from Africa to Present Day

“I recommend this course to any student. This class is full of vital, mostly unheard information that is an absolute enjoyment to learn. You will have discussions that you would not be able to have or would be difficult to have outside of this class. This course is more than just a course — it’s an experience of sorts. Walking through history, whether you’re learning about your ancestors or just the past tragedies and events that took place, it’s just more interesting than your average history class. With a flexible syllabus, there is a lot of room for freedom of discussion while also learning everything planned for the course, and walking away holding some sort of connection to the information you learned. You are encouraged to bring your out-of-classroom findings back to class for discussion, and regardless of how little or big you always walk away learning something more.” Rinaldo J

This course is designed to introduce students to the rich and diverse history and culture of African Americans, tracing their accomplishments and struggles.

  • Students develop an understanding of the African American culture through its history within the broader context of United States history.
  • Explores the African American narrative from African kingdoms, enslavement, emancipation, the Civil Rights era, and the social and political oppositions that have followed.
  • Features a focus on the Harlem Renaissance and the literary and artistic contributions of African Americans to all cultures, as well as social, scientific, economic, religious, and political contributions.

“This course opened my eyes to so many aspects I was either misinformed on or never knew of in the first place in African American History, from the roots in Africa, to slavery, to even generally unknown details in the Civil Rights’ Movement. This course is highly recommended to anyone who wants to know and understand African American History at its core.” Yosiah T

Through this course, students will have a greater understanding of current events involving the African American community.

“I learned so much about African American history through this course! While I knew some details, this course helped me see how the whole history connects, and how it influences modern-day events. I learned about so many events and historical figures that I’d never heard of. The teacher was so kind, encouraging, and wise – she has wonderful insights into this topic, and she truly cares about her students.. The class was a safe space to discuss the topic and share opinions and questions. African American history is so important for any American to know, so I highly recommend this course to both American students and anyone interested in history and modern-day racial issues.” Molly C

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