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Fostering academic excellence and biblical virtue to equip students for lives as local and global Christian servants.

TPS Elementary – Instructive and Enjoyable for our younger learners at home!

Highlights include:

  • Build your complete curriculum or choose one or more individual courses for grades 5 and 6, extending to precocious grade 4 students.
  • Reading, Writing, Grammar, Literature and History (integrated), Math (standard and accelerated), Geography, Art, Music — even French and Spanish!
  • Live online interactive classes in secure classrooms with engaging audio-visual features, including safe purposeful use of cameras by teachers for demonstrations to engage younger students in their learning.
  • Instill a love of learning while also teaching foundational academic skills, including skills specific to each subject.
  • Build independent study skills so that by grade 7 most students can work on their own with limited supervision.
  • Get school done while freeing busy parents for other family priorities.

Build your own plan or give us your list of courses and we’ll build one for your approval. We can also help you choose the right academic (grade) level course in each subject to match the unique strengths of each of your individual students.

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About TPS (at-tps.org)
  • Online classes since 1997
  • Grades 4 to 12 students
  • Complete curriculum or individual course enrollment
  • Academic advising and planning
  • Individualized course credit options
  • Diploma (standard or honors) option
  • Top scholarship with biblical worldview
  • Live interactive classes
  • Timely effective teacher feedback
  • Dynamic faith and character development
  • Extensive student social opportunities
  • AP® courses with top exam scores
  • College dual credit courses with flexible credits
  • High Scholars program (24 college credits)
  • Honors courses
  • Accreditation and certifications
  • NCAA approved