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Come to our Open House!

We offer an open house every Monday at 11 am U.S. ET and 8 pm U.S. ET. It is a friendly gathering for families or groups to learn more about TPS.

  • We provide a very short presentation followed by ample opportunity for informal Q&A.
  • Meetings are in Zoom, so you can access from anywhere.
  • You must register your email and name to receive the secure link, but it’s free and you are not added to any solicitation lists.
  • Our team will be on camera so you can get to know us. We encourage you to join with video as well (optional).
  • For security, the meetings are moderated and we allow only only those who registered in advance to join the open house. Attendees will be met in a waiting area and brought into the meeting.

Get a cup of tea or coffee, bring your questions, and enjoy a relaxed opportunity to get to know TPS. Come once, or as often as you want. We look forward to seeing you!

Open Houses for 2024-25 are nearly every Monday from April 1 through August 12 — use the buttons below to schedule yourself or your group for a free Open House meeting. Also note that we offer individual New Family Meetings year round.