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TPS AP Courses – Effective, Flexible, Faithful

Students who complete TPS AP courses and follow our study guidance can expect to achieve their individual goal score (3, 4, or 5, depending on the student’s college goals) on those AP exams and get those credits from their college.

What makes TPS certified AP courses superior among the various AP course options available for homeschool and independent students?

  • Highest scores¹. TPS AP students earn the highest AP Exam scores each year so they gain the most competitive rankings with colleges and earn the most widely useful college credit.
  • Individual goals met. TPS uniquely helps you identify and accomplish your individual AP exam score goal (3, 4, or 5) for each course and exam.
  • Flexible scheduling. TPS AP courses are engaging live classes which may also be taken with modified attendance or by recorded classes (i.e., without live attendance) for students with schedule or time zone conflicts. (See below for details.)
  • Direct college credit. Some TPS AP courses are also eligible for direct college credit without taking the exam.
  • Accredited. TPS provides an accredited transcript to report your certified AP course to your colleges and scholarships.
  • Certified
    • Accredited College Board Level 1 AP course provider
    • NCAA approved
    • California A-G approved
  • Biblical worldview. TPS AP courses combine top scholarship with an uncompromised biblical worldview.

Compare these features and results anywhere — you will not find them all anywhere else.

¹ TPS 2016-2023 AP Exam Scores: > 50% 5 (top score), > 70% 4 or higher, > 90% 3 or higher. Percentages consistent for each individual year 2016-2023.

Compare these features and results anywhere — you will not find all them anywhere else.

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  • Live online classes since 1997
  • 200+ courses grades 4 to 12
  • Adjustable credit requirements
  • Timely effective teacher feedback
  • Biblical worldview
  • Academic advising and planning
  • Diploma partnership option
  • AP® courses with top exam scores
  • College dual credit courses
  • Honors courses
  • Delightful instructive elementary classes
  • Clubs and social opportunities
  • Accreditation and certifications
  • NCAA approved courses
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