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TPS Summer Classes – Get Prepared + Enjoy Summer Break!

TPS has a full range of summer writing and math classes for preparation, boost or recovery. We also have study skills classes to prepare you for middle school, high school, and college.

What are the benefits of taking a TPS Summer class?

Do you want to get a boost in writing or math for the next school year?
Do you need to recover some lost learning in writing or math from a prior school year?
Do you want to build your study skills for the upcoming school year(s)?

How are TPS Summer classes relaxed to make them more accessible and beneficial in a busy summer schedule?

Enjoy the benefits of live attendance or miss class(es) and use the recording without having to notify or explain. You may even take the class entirely by recording (helpful for time zone and schedule challenges).
Submit assignments on time if you want evaluation and feedback, or skip an assignment without having to notify or explain.

The TPS Summer Term runs for six weeks, with a break week during the week of July 4 (total of seven weeks start to finish). Summer classes typically meet twice each week for two hours per meeting, usually on Monday+Wednesday or Tuesday+Thursday. Schedule details for each course are shown in the Course Catalog (select the “Summer” category).

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