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After Chemistry, then what? Great upper HS science courses from TPS!


You survived Chemistry! What’s next?

States generally require a student to take two or more lab science courses in high school, and colleges generally expect to see four years of high school science courses. Most students take Biology and Chemistry as their lab science, but then what?

TPS offers great upper high school science courses, like:


“I would recommend this course to others because it is challenging yet possible to do well in, even if you are someone who finds physics difficult.” — Anna D

Anatomy and Physiology

“As someone who wants a career in the health field (but unsure what specific occupation), this class was crucial and incredibly helpful for me to get some knowledge of the human body and its systems so I could narrow down what my interests are. My parents (who are both in the medical field) were amazed that our class covered the details that we did. In addition, the information we learned was both deep and helpful; I did not feel like I was learning too much or in too much detail.” — Leilani W

Forensic Science

“Anyone fascinated with crime investigation and the objective aspect of it will devour this class. It covers almost every aspect of investigating crime, focusing on the individual fields of study, including roles, and the courtroom process itself.” — Gabrielle S


“This class is interesting and informative. What I really appreciated about this class is the focus on not only astronomy but also on apologetics. It is taught from a Christian worldview.” — Katherynn P


“In this class I learned how many of the different components in computers and other electronic equipment work. I also learned how to build my own electronics projects. During a college visit I realized that some courses I was interested in are based on electronics, so this class was a great blessing to me.” —  Jamin E (student)

Plus Marine Biology and more!

TPS also offers effective AP Science courses, like:

AP Biology

“Enthusiastic teacher who clearly loves his subject. Class is rigorous,  but carefully planned out according to the text material.” — Matthias H

TPS students are top scorers on the AP Biology exam!

AP Environmental Science

“Exceptional and refreshing course. Combines many different standard science courses into one: physics, chemistry, earth science, some human sciences regarding demographics and health, and statistics. This incorporation of different sciences then is put under the lens of environmental science, learning extraordinary new things on the base of old subjects. Teacher is also very experienced in the environmental science field and can explain questions that the textbook cannot, so the student is not only prepared in knowledge for the AP exam, but also learns in a dynamic and interesting way.” — Keziah S

TPS students are top scorers on the AP Environmental Science exam!

Plus AP Physics 1!

Learn all about TPS Science, including a chart and complete list of courses

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