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After Chemistry, then what? Great upper HS science courses from TPS!

You survived Chemistry! What’s next?

U.S. states and colleges generally require a student to take two or more lab science courses in high school, and colleges generally expect to see four years of high school science courses. Most students take Biology and Chemistry as their lab sciences, but then what? TPS offers great upper high school science courses, including lab sciences, lab activity sciences, science-related courses, and AP science courses:

Lab Science


“I loved my physics class! The teachers work together to provide the students with the most effective and efficient resources out there. I especially loved how this course taught me to think outside the box when it comes to understanding concepts, rather than just memorizing a formula and continuing on. The teachers always gave us such cool and helpful digital simulations that really help me comprehend the concepts. I also appreciated how they selected specific problems for our weekly problems sets so we were not burdened with an unrealistic amount of work.” — Lydia M

Lab Activity Science

Anatomy and Physiology

“As someone who wants a career in the health field (but unsure what specific occupation), this class was crucial and incredibly helpful for me to get some knowledge of the human body and its systems so I could narrow down what my interests are. My parents (who are both in the medical field) were amazed that our class covered the details that we did. In addition, the information we learned was both deep and helpful; I did not feel like I was learning too much or in too much detail.” — Leilani W


“I really enjoyed this class, especially the first section about the celestial sphere. I’ve always had some serious misconceptions about astronomy that this class dispelled. Starting from the first class, every class taught me so much. The course is more fun if you can actually look at the stars and planets in the night sky, but you can see the moon pretty much anywhere and that is the most exciting part of it. Textbooks were very informative, and the teacher did a great job explaining it with images and simulations. Excellent science class I would definitely recommend.” — Joseph B


(New) Electronics are used in virtually every tool, appliance, or device we use today. In this course, we will explore the world of electronics from basic concepts (such as voltage, current, and power), to resistors and capacitors, electrical schematics, and microcontrollers. This course will also include hands-on projects using a digital multimeter, breadboard, microcontroller, wires, resistors, and other components. This course provides an introduction to the field of electronics…

Forensic Science

“Anyone fascinated with crime investigation and the objective aspect of it will devour this class. It covers almost every aspect of investigating crime, focusing on the individual fields of study, including roles, and the courtroom process itself.” — Gabrielle S

Marine Biology

“This course is extremely fun. It was incredibly informative and I learned a lot. I learned things I had not known before and I learned new aspects to things I already knew. I have always loved marine life and animals in general but I learned so much more about marine resources, marine life I didn’t know as much about, and performed experiments I hadn’t before. The teacher is the best teacher I have ever had and she is really good at encouraging and answering questions. She is very good at answering questions in and out of class and is just really fun to have as a teacher. She makes things lively and I don’t feel like I am just in a lecture but rather that I am experiencing the ocean at my kitchen counter. It is awesome and I highly recommend it to anyone remotely interested in anything marine.” — Sadie C

Science-related Courses

Sports Medicine and Athletic Training

(New) This course equips you with an understanding of the functional concepts of the human body and then teaches you how to apply that knowledge to real-life practice. It combines coverage of Nutrition, Sports Psychology, Kinesiology and therapeutic topics modalities with the latest research, concussion protocols and guidelines for First Aid, CPR and AED…

Health and Wellness

“I would recommend this course to others because of how valuable the information is. Health and Wellness taught me so much about how I can physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually be at my healthiest. There are so many aspects that contribute to overall health that are covered in this course, and I think that what you will learn in this course is so important.”

AP® Courses

AP Biology

“This course greatly added to my knowledge of biology and will be a huge help in going into college with a strong background in biology. It was very interesting and helpful to learn the AP curriculum mixed with a Christian worldview on topics such as global warming and evolution. The course was very challenging, but not impossible and I was able to keep up with all the assignments for this class along with my other classes while not feeling too overwhelmed. It prepared me well for the AP exam by practicing for the test all year.” — Bridget H

TPS students are top scorers on the AP Biology exam ! (Higher AP® exam scores boost your college application an provide more opportunities to receive credit from your college.)

AP Environmental Science

“Exceptional and refreshing course. Combines many different standard science courses into one: physics, chemistry, earth science, some human sciences regarding demographics and health, and statistics. This incorporation of different sciences then is put under the lens of environmental science, learning extraordinary new things on the base of old subjects. Teacher is also very experienced in the environmental science field and can explain questions that the textbook cannot, so the student is not only prepared in knowledge for the AP exam, but also learns in a dynamic and interesting way.” — Keziah S

AP Environmental Science is an excellent option even for non-science majors to stand out in a competitive college application process.

TPS students are top scorers on the AP Environmental Science exam! (Higher AP® exam scores boost your college application an provide more opportunities to receive credit from your college.)

AP Physics

“I thoroughly enjoyed taking AP Physics this year and I feel very prepared for the AP exam! I recommend this course for three principal reasons: the academic rigor of this course, the interactive classroom atmosphere, and the abundant study materials and resources. For those students and parents that want an academically rigorous course, this AP Physics will not disappoint. Although this was my first year taking courses with The Potter’s School, I have taken online courses for the past six academic years and I can confidently say that I have been in few classroom atmospheres that match this course’s caliber.” — Elliott J

TPS students are top scorers on the AP Physics exam! (Higher AP® exam scores boost your college application an provide more opportunities to receive credit from your college.)

TPS is authorized by the College Board to offer certified AP® courses under AI / CEEB code 470144. AP® is a trademark owned by the College Board, which is not affiliated with and does not endorse these courses.

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