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Tax Deductions for TPS Tuition

Is TPS – The Potter’s School tuition a tax-deductible “qualified education expense” under U.S. federal or state law? Most likely for you it is not. For college expenses to be deductible, the college must provide a 1098-T. TPS College courses are dual credit, not dual enroll. Students do not enroll in the college to take … Read more

Billing and Receipts

Invoices You may print a list of course fees and grades in your Family Account under Enrolled Courses: ( Upon request we will provide you an Invoice listing all of your fees and tuition (approved held seats only) for the enrolling year. Receipts Each time you make a payment to TPS, you are emailed a … Read more

Credit Card Payment Rejected

Resolving Credit Card Payment Problems For U.S. families, we recommend eCheck over credit card payments. eCheck processing is just as convenient, secure, and fraud-protected as credit card processing. However, eCheck saves everyone money because it involves fewer third-party processors charging multiple transaction fees. TPS does not store any eCheck or credit card information, and TPS … Read more

How To Pay

Please wait to pay for a course until you hold a seat in that course (i.e., not just on a wait list) and you have Placement Approval for that seat. You should submit placement approval materials promptly when you enroll, and you should receive approval notification within a week of submitting placement materials. For U.S. … Read more

Payment Schedule

Unless you arrange a special payment plan, your tuition and fee payments are due on a standard schedule. These fees and the standard payment schedule are explained here. Family Registration Fee. Integrating each family into our programs for a new academic year requires some staff time even if that family has been with us before. … Read more

Tuition Assistance

We do not want cost to keep families from participating in our classes, so we price our courses as low as we can to make them accessible to as many families as possible. However, we recognize that any cost is difficult for some families to bear. Thanks to the generosity of families, teachers, and other … Read more

Tuition, Fees, Payments, and Refunds

Choosing courses is an important and sometimes complex decision, academically and financially. We want your enrollment process to be an unpressured series of well-informed deliberate decisions and commitments. We welcome à la carte enrollments and we also want you to consider that enrollment into our Diploma Plan offers lower fees and added benefits. One of … Read more