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TPS AP Macroeconomics and Microeconomics – One course, two AP credits!

Two AP credits (for the price of one)! Why take AP Macroeconomics and Microeconomics from TPS? Two AP courses and credits (for the price of one) Higher AP exam scores on both exams (taking both together reinforces the related content) Transcript boosting upgrade to the standard Economics course required for high school graduation by many … Read more

TPS College Contemporary World History – History That Matters Now!

Study History That Matters Now! History isn’t just the distant events and ideas that eventually became the present. Understanding the flow of events and ideas since 1900 is particularly relevant to understanding the real world today, including its diverse responses to a global pandemic. TPS offers a high school course for optional dual college credit … Read more

TPS Social Studies: All God’s People

“Studying for this class was a joy, and the biblical worldview with which it is taught gives history its meaning!” Eunice T (student) “I never thought this class would teach me so much about the way the world is working today” Reilly K (student) “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, the world and those … Read more

TPS Summer Writing, Math, Study Skills Classes

Get Ready for the School Year! Summer Classes in Writing, Math, Study Skills Do you want to get a boost in writing or math for the next school year? Do you need to recover lost learning in writing or math from the prior school year being interrupted or cut short? Do you want to build … Read more

TPS AP Environmental Science – Get out there!

TPS AP Environmental Science – Fascinating, fun, and not just for science majors Exceptional and refreshing course. Combines many different standard science and social science courses into one. Learn extraordinary new things on the base of old subjects. Teacher is very experienced in the environmental science field, so the student is not only well-prepared for … Read more

After Chemistry, then what? Great upper HS science courses from TPS!

You survived Chemistry! What’s next? States generally require a student to take two or more lab science courses in high school, and colleges generally expect to see four years of high school science courses. Most students take Biology and Chemistry as their lab science, but then what? TPS offers great upper high school science courses, … Read more

TPS Language Courses – academically excellent, culturally enriching and fun!

Enjoy learning another language and culture with TPS! “Spanish with TPS is a great mix of challenge and fun. Classes are always in depth and engaging, and the teachers are always eager to explain something if someone doesn’t quite understand a concept. The material itself is great. The workbooks and textbooks explain everything very clearly. … Read more

TPS gets math done!

If your student finds math hard or if you struggle with teaching math, you are not alone. TPS teaches real math effectively and successfully. Students work hard, see success, and go to the next level fully prepared to see success again…

Dedicated TPS Writing Course for Every Grade 5 through College!

Become a skilled and confident writer with TPS! “…my ACT test returned with a perfect score in English. Wow!” – Hannah M (student) “TPS English teachers have improved my daughter’s writing not only in English courses but also in other high school and college courses. She consistently receives high marks and college-level writing comes easily … Read more

Study the Great Books with TPS!

TPS studies the Great Books of Western and World Literature. TPS students read important literary works, analyze them in class discussions, and compose polished essays that explain and defend their analysis. Every TPS literature course also teaches analytical essay writing.