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How to Enroll

  1. Review the enrollment opening dates and requirements to determine when you are eligible to enroll.
  2. Review the Enrollment Agreement (you will be required to affirm this review and agreement before you can enroll).
  3. Review the course Prerequisites in the Course Catalog for each course to ensure you are eligible to enroll in each course.
  4. Download and complete all required Readiness Assessment tests and questionnaires. You must submit these immediately (same day) when you enroll.
  5. Log into your family account (link below).
  6. Set your Time Zone so you may choose classes in your local times.
  7. Add your students.
  8. Add classes to your Cart for each student.
    • You must select the class section and the student to add a class to the Cart for that student.
    • For each enrolled class, you must choose the credit status (i.e., whether you are planning to take the class for TPS Credit or in No TPS Credit (i.e., no TPS transcript) status).
    • For each AP course or College Dual Credit Option course, you must choose whether you plan to take the class with live attendance or solely by recording.
  9. When you have your Cart ready with the schedule you want, click Enroll Now.
  10. Review the enrollments and make any desired adjustments. If a class you want is Wait List status, it is recommended that you also enroll in a suitable Open Seat in another section (if available) of the same course in case you do not get the Wait List seat.
  11. Click Confirm Enrollment to complete the enrollment.
    • If this is your first enrollment for the academic year, you will be required to pay the family registration fee for your enrollment to be processed. (You may pay this in advance to avoid delays when enrolling.)
    • For several hours after you self-enroll in a course, you may self-drop that enrollment with full reversal of all tuition and fees. This is provided to allow for self-managing complex schedules, not as a grace period for holding seats without commitment of payment. Once this short self-management window expires for the course such that you can no longer drop the course from the family account, it will not be extended or renewed, and non-refundable fees will not be waived.
  12. Immediately (same day) after enrolling each course, submit any required Readiness Assessment materials.
  13. Initial tuition and fees payment for each course is due promptly after Readiness Assessment (placement) approval is provided for that course.